yeaaaaaaaaaaaahh, guess who just finished kinda-sorta translating for Latino parents at an elementary school Open House??? 


I’m putting ‘dat Spanish minor/living in Spain time to use, booooooiii ;D

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WUMBO-SIZED DISCLAIMER!!!!: These sims were never meant to be released to the public; they were made purely for photo-taking/my game. Unlike my made-to-download sims, this means I wantonly used CC, used height/arm/leg sliders, and/or applied more than one makeups per section. I may have also used personal tone-edited versions of other skins. I didn’t keep track of the CC. I was going to remove it, but I couldn’t recreate their looks the same way and I still wouldn’t remember the creator names. I apologize greatly to those people. Therefore, download at your own discretion. I recommend using the .sims3pack if you want exact looks, and reading the “readme” if you still want to use them! 

Here’s part two of the fantasy sims I promised to upload for you grand folks at the request of a follower. These particular sims are elves based on the Elven races of the DnD campaign The Forgotten Realms: Star(the pale ones), Sun (in banner), and Drow (black skin) elves. (I made them almost a year ago…interesting to see my sims from then and now.) If their names are weird ignore it, lol. btw, not packaged w/ armor and male medieval clothing as the files are large. 

Here’s a WCIF for the Star Elves.

Here’s Part One.

[Downloads] includes. sim and .sims3pack (preferred!)

Male Star | Female Star | Female Drow  | Sun Elf 

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your alien sims are AMAZING. i'm completely in awe oh my god. the cultural background that you're giving them is so cool too i can totally see them as an actual species *A *


ahh, thank you thank you thank you!! The cultural part is actually my favorite part to create; it makes me feel they’re real…somewhere *___*
I’m glad you’re enjoying them as much as I am! 

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In their culture, sociologists have named two types of community groups to the species: blood family and brood family. The first refers to those an individual is related to via genetics/blood. Although huge, complex lineages are traced for hundreds of years, they are only referred to during breeding seasons. As siblings from the same mother often have different fathers, the sentiment of “brood family” grew, meaning the people in one’s direct community are revered in higher esteem, related or not. This is seen in how normally everyone in a band raises its children equally, and individuals freely enter one another’s homes at any time. 

Picture above are maternal sisters of one specie’s phenotype variations. 

so I’m kinda obsessed with my new alien race right now; all I do is think about concepts for the species. I need a name for them! grrrrr.

SN: I MADE MY FIRST AMBITIONS TATTOOS!! wooohooo!! (note the skin spots)

SN2: I’m considering placing an alien up for download (for the anon who desired an alien). not sure which one. maybe the black one? 

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murfeelee replied to your post “replies.”

ARE YOU KIDDING? That beak trick you did with I’m guessing a nose blush was SO STINKING CLEVER! It LOOKS like a beak! And whatever contacts you used are SPOT ON! You’ve inspired ME — I want to try something similar and show you some pics later. 8)

bleeeehhh OK OK OOOOOKKKKK . I think the issue is that after staring at pics of toucans I was like, WHY CANT I MESH??!! The beaks are too small; I FAIL. (lol jk) 

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wow. this is a sim, right? (but i love the culture…

lol yup, she is!! And thaaaaaaaank youuuuuu for the culture shout-out (I have a degree in [Cultural] Psychology so all my species get dang “immersive codex entries” as I create them) x]

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She’s gorgeous ♥3♥ I really adore your aliens :D

ooooomg excuse me while I clean up the ‘tears of joy’ that are all over the place ;____;  


genericrobot replied to your photoset “of course, I gots to make at least a tiny backstory for my bird-esque…”

I am in love with this.

thank ya much! (p.s. I love it too ;D)

monolithsims replied to your photoset “of course, I gots to make at least a tiny backstory for my bird-esque…”

Beautiful <3

:D!! <3 many thanks!!

murfeelee replied to your photoset “Remember that anon from a few days ago? I offered to create something…”

scary how creative and imaginative you are

noooo, what’s scary how overboard and ambitious I get, then disappointed when I can’t do what I want in-game  (LIKE BEAKS) >:/ other than that, I just make adventitious mistakes ;D

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of course, I gots to make at least a tiny backstory for my bird-esque alien species.

From living in the rich and diverse tropical forest set in-land, early ancestors of this species developed extremely deep connections to the local floral. Recent studies have discovered their genetic makeup is actually infused with plant-like traits resembling their environment where they lived.

 Universal traits among the beings are their high birth rate and ability to produce younglings of multiple parents in one clutch. As a means of population control, in the past, different bands of the species would set arrangements for one female to partner with four males in one (large) marriage. To be chosen as the “mother ” and “fathers” was not only to be highly respected and pampered, but to be heavily envied. In modern day, the ritual is still practiced with the chosen becoming minor celebrities of sorts.

Pictured in a proud chosen mother-to-be.

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Remember that anon from a few days ago? I offered to create something else for s/he b/c I couldn’t part ways with my MCS (such as my femsheps and “named fantasy characters.”) S/he gave me a reference photo of an alien, but left me to my own devices.

Lo’ and behold, I got motivated to create another alien race for my fictional alien world. I’m not sure why, but my creative juices started to flow once I saw that pic….I’m even taking a stab at making some accessory tattoos for body marks 8D So, thank you anon/Omoye :]

Anyway, this is the rough beginnings/”head shots” of a bird-like species. I’m gathering ideas from images of toucans, ostriches, and geckos haha. They’d be in the same world as my [nameless] amphibian-esque species. 

SN: I wanted to step outside my norm of making smaller eyes :P 

SN2: For those curious, this is the image I was given…idk where my mind went 8P (by zarnala@deviantart)

Species :Wharu by Zarnala

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Zomg asdjkhasdiosaid....! I love you!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Omoye

you are very, very welcome!! 
I would’ve responded to your other messages, but they seemed more personal to me :) 
and! It’s funny that you sent me an image from that artist b/c I’ve been looking at her works a lot thinking about how I could recreate some of her work in my image. I think she’s gotten very popular for her alien concepts! I’ve crashed n’ burned a bit trying, but I’ll try again x] 

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