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i am old fashioned too XD!

haha nothing wrong with that! Im not too surprised as in TS2 and 3 there were tons of mods for teen-allowed/teen - adult sex and pregnancy(not in TS4). When I was younger I used the one for TS2, but in TS3 I tried the option in awesomemod and got freaked out at the modder’s inclusion of “jail bait” for teens and “sex offender” for adult traits, the latter of which was permanent and prohibited said adult sim from working or being near a school. That was waaaay too realistic for me and made stomach churn. and thus from then one I just never wanted to play with teen-allowed sex mods again :P  

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omg they can!? O___O!what the hell…

yep, sure can. I think EA handled it pretty well though and think it adds a bit of realism. I think teens have to be very high relationships in order to “do it” whereas I feel adults can go at at  lower stats. I also think the teens parents are supposed to give the “talk” first, too. overall I dont mind the addition but I probably wont use that action very much (I’m a little old fashion when it comes to teens as I worked with high schoolers for the past few years :P) 

Welp the Sims is back at breaking at all kinds of social boundaries once again.

Like for one, teens can have sex now. aka “messing around.”

kinda surprised, actually. could be just how I see teenagers and how old they are in-game. 

It seems I have been tagged by ninjaofthepurplethings in one of these “what you do you listen to?” chain thingies. meh, seems like fun :3 I’m not tagging anyone because I’m lame and I think most people have done this already. I added genres b/c everyone doing this always has some obscure unknown artist listed like ppl are supposed to know who they are :x

"You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!"

  1. Anna Begins - Counting Crows (90’s Adult Pop/Grunge Rock)
  2. Melt My Heart to Stone - Adele (Pop/Easy Listening)
  3. Big Star - Kenny Chesney (Modern Country)
  4. Wondersleep - The White Pandas (Rap-Techno Mashup)
  5. Malacutum - Ricao (Spanish, World Lounge)
  6. Some Say - Rascal Flatts (Modern Country)
  7. Wasted - Carrie Underwood (Modern Country)
  8. Falling in Love Again - Anthony Hamilton (Soul)
  9. Because of You - Cece Winans (Gospel)
  10. Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Brigitte Bardot (French, World Lounge)

hmmm, I think my shuffle failed me. Of the 5,100 songs, only 285 are country…yet 30% of the songs listed here are indeed country (which I really like <.<).  30% are easy listening/lounge/chillout/trip-hop which I do have a ton of so that’s accurate. 



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Sims 4! DO IT! Join Ussssss! We have cookies?!?

waaaahhh I can’t decide >___<!! like, I read reviews and now know it’s not really worth $60 although fun…but it won’t be my $60 ;D

I hate EA getting my money…but it wont be my money *wink wink*

so, ninjaofthepurplethings and anyone else, I did it.

I got the Sims 4. (thanks to my parents yeaaah.)

I won’t say I caved because I never said I wouldn’t buy it, nor did I ever have any strong feelings against it. Overall, it’s ok. If you hear any reviews on it that give a 6-8/10 I feel the same way so I wont bore you all with regurgitating old news. But I have a few thoughts that cater to how I like to play.


RUNS GREAT AND REALLY FAST. Sims feel alive and quirky thanks to emotions, facial expressions, and walk-styles (also a con). Emotions effect what sims can do (i.e. when Sad can call a sadness hotline lol). omg interactions are to die for (i.e. snuggle ;___;) Lots of plants/ingredients. CAS is nice, and sims look good; I like playing kids for once. Multitasking (also a con). I LOVE that romantic and platonic relationships are divided now (i.e. Enemies with Benefits!) Build mode is super easy but takes some time to get used to for a non-builder like me. Easier to manipulate non-played sims.  I like the in-game gallery feature a lot! Tea pots and more recipes :] 


UGH multitasking with convos!!( i.e. a romantic convo and suddenly a random person joins in.) Sometimes sims are too quirky…almost cartoony, like the worlds- this may work for berry worlds or comic book feelings but I tend to play very serious/melodramatic/realistic saves; TS4 imo doesnt cater to how I like to play. Worlds are pretty, but feel restrictive/limited; I miss zooming around the world to spy on other sims. Not enough lots. No locks on doors >:(. No step-parent/siblings relationships?!?!  Jobs are weird and unrealistic to me (i.e. no business or simple careers). No mailman and other NPCS :/ No world building ;__;

Overall, I’ll probably play TS4, but create sims/creatures in TS3 (and play if I can beat the lag). It feels more like I’m playing a comic book with the brightness and vibrancy of the world, and lack of realistic features. This may work for some, but not me. I really love worlds/landscapes (my PC background is over 1,000 scenery pics) so TS3 is still the best in that area. Worlds like Pounawea and Great Bear made me feel I was living somewhere else…I even miss seeing the sunrise over the water. I’ll be happy when a lightning mod and more realistic mod content is released. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey it's Omoye. Unfortunately I have yet been able to play the wonderful creations you so gracefully released [CC cleaning and trying to create the perfect scifi/fantasy world for them (see you are inspiring me!)]. I just wanted to throw some love your way. Still utterly in love with your konpicoas. I cannot wait until you release one of your sophisticated bird creatures. I mean I knew you were creative but they are above and beyond my expectations. Again my'lady you are amazeballs.

hiya! Omoye! It’s nice to hear from you’ I hope you’re well. Don’t feel pressured to play with them. You have all the time in the world! When you do I hope you’re satisfied :D And GAHH!! I knew I was forgetting something! I made the konpicoas specifically b/c of your request but forgot to release them >_< I I got a little carried away and then sims 4 cam out…. :P But still, I WILL RELEASE SOME. Initially I did make them w/ you in mind after all. And thank YOU for helping me with my creativity-block. Im sure I never would’ve made them if you hadn’t asked about my other creations :3 

too bad you dont have tumblr so we have to keep communicating like this :( 


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aaaaaahhhhhh I LOVE THEM!! I totes them immediately!! 8D shaaaaare theeeeem (lol jk)

Actually I think I did upload them to the community/cloud, so… XD (If you search Suryn you’ll probably find them.)

But Sue’s face is still wonky in that version :C I’ll be trying to tweak her again tonight.

Aaaaaahhhh say what?! That settles it then. He’s about to populate my entire town with his delicious DNA ;D sorry not sorry Sue. And my post was incoherent because stupid autocorrect grrrr. F’ iPads.

A trio of konpicoas from the highest strata of their society. A mother-daughter trio, in fact. Don’t be fooled by their “firm” looking demeanors, however. They’re actually quite bubbly, if not trying too hard to appear serious.

As noted before, the species is practically obsessed with human traditional 18/19th century fashions.Sespite appearances, they find the customs and attitudes of those periods to be rather prudish, which a true konpicoa is not. 

SN: so i’ve dl’d a ton of CC…yet there’s still a depressing amount of vintage CC only found in TS2. *cries while  eyeing allaboutstyle* ;___;

hmmm. my 20-something birthday was in March. and my parents never got me a present.
now, several months later, I reminded my mom and she’s agreed to let me use her card to buy…something.

should it be the freetrade clothing I’ve been eyeing or…the sims 4??? 

decisions, decisions.